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Grab This USB-C SD Card Reader From Anker for $12

All of your devices can sync and transfer files from SD and microSD cards.

Our cameras, phones, and other portable gadgets frequently use memory cards, but if you want to transfer photos and other data, you’ll need a memory card reader. While some gadgets on the market come with built-in slots for memory cards, more and more do not; nevertheless, you may get around this issue by purchasing an SD card reader. Currently, Anker’s plug-and-play SD card reader is available for only $12 after a 10% discount. Because we are unsure of how long this offer will remain, we advise buying now rather than waiting.

This portable card reader contains slots for both SD and microSD cards, providing the widest compatibility and greatest versatility. It makes it simple to sync and exchange files across various devices. It can sync up to 5,120 megabits per second for quick data transmission while travelling, and Anker claims that it is compatible with a wide range of laptops, tablets, and smartphones thanks to its USB-C interface. It’s also compact and case-friendly, so you ought to be able to use it even if your computer is using other peripherals or if your device is protected by a case. It’s a good deal at this cost.