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This rare iPhone just sold for more than a new car

Anyone who still has an original iPhone in its original packaging may be sitting on a gold mine if they’re prepared to part with it as this recent seller was. The original iPhone played a significant role in the history of mobile phones.

During the past few months, we’ve seen a few original iPhones sell at auction for absurdly high prices, and the most recent sale of a rare variation suggests that the trend is still going strong.

The phone, which went for $40,320 via Wright auctions after 12 hours of bidding, is still in its original box and has an intriguing sticker on its front. The sticker is a slim red rectangle with the Apple logo and the words “Lucky You” on it.

The origins of the sticker are somewhat mysterious, but a reader of  contacted the publication and revealed that they had worked at an Apple store when the first iPhones were released and that the sticker was an optional gift box option for the first holiday, making this model of the iPhone an intriguing rare variant.

The “Lucky You” iPhone brought in a respectable sum of money, even though it didn’t sell for quite as much as a recent original iPhone auction that brought in over $60,000 considering that it wasn’t in mint condition. The top side of the box has a small tear in the plastic wrap, but that didn’t deter bidders from considering it to be a priceless piece of smartphone history.

More valuable versions of the iPhone and other items from Apple’s past are appearing as more of these high-selling auctions go live. It makes perfect sense: a person sees an iPhone selling for more money than their automobile is worth, so they look through their for their outdated technology, a wardrobe.

While the majority of vintage iPhones won’t fetch prices as high as the “Lucky You” model, there’s a decent possibility that if you have one that’s in pristine shape and still has its original packaging, you may earn a considerable profit. It would be worthwhile to get your phone appraised and put up for auction if you believe you possess a “Willy Wonka, ’24 karat’ Golden Ticket,” as the “Lucky You” iPhone seller phrased it. Who knows? You might actually walk away with an extra $40,320.