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Apple Music Sing brings karaoke singalongs to iPhones, Apple TV

Apple wants you to sing like everyone’s listening with its new Apple Music Sing feature, a karaoke mode that works with the music streaming service’s popular lyrics experience.

Coming later this month on iPhone models 11 and later, iPad models 3 and later, and the Apple TV 4K model 2022. (not earlier models, for some reason) Apple Music Sing will be included right into the Apple Music app, offering you the ability to use a slider to adjust the volume of the vocals in Apple Music’s song library so you can sing along. This will truly maximize the karaoke experience in living rooms. You may adjust the level with the slider to either blend your voice with the singer’s or fully eliminate them to sing alone. Backing vocals can also be viewed separately from the main vocals to make it easier for aspiring support singers to follow along, and a Duet view divides the words of numerous vocalists on one page.

The functionality is really simple to use. Simply navigate to the lyrics view in the Apple Music app to find the microphone icon, which you can tap to display the voice track’s volume. According to Apple, the vocal track is separated using machine learning to isolate the vocal and provide the lyrics in real-time. The lyrics that are being sung with “perfect time” are then highlighted by Apple Music.

Also, Apple intends to release a series of more than 50 playlists specifically for Sing, with names like “Epic Choruses,” “Festive Favorites,” “Iconic Duets,” and “Party Anthems.”

Oliver Schussed, Apple’s vice president of Apple Music and Beats, stated in a news release that the lyrics experience on Apple Music is regularly one of the most well-liked elements on our service. We wanted to develop this product further to enable even greater involvement with music through singing because we already know how much our customers around the world enjoy singing along to their favorite songs. Our clients will adore it because it’s so much fun.

The announcement follows Apple’s year-end review of the most-listened-to music with its Apple Music Replay 2022, which was somewhat overshadowed by rival Spotify’s own Spotify Wrapped 2022 list and, even more so, by the strange and wonderful Interest app, which enables music fans to tap into their Spotify music data to create fun Coachella-style festival posters featuring all their favorite acts.