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How to place chicken crossing signs in Fortnite

Without thrilling events and objectives to keep you occupied, Fortnite wouldn’t be Fortnite, and the Spring Breakout Event has made sure that there is always a cause to play the game again. You have a brand-new task to complete each day anywhere on the map, some of which are simple and take little time, but all of which are equally stupid and entertaining. We’ll explain how to do it below if you’ve come across one of these missions that instructs you to post chicken crossing signs in Frenzy Fields or Kenjutsu Crossing.

How to place chicken crossing signs In Fortnite

You must land in one of the two suitable POIs as the initial step before placing the chicken crossing signs. Either Kenjutsu Crossing in the southeast or Frenzy Fields in the southwest of the map are good places to drop. Either one works perfectly, however it’s important to note that at Kenjutsu Crossing, there are less places to plant the signs, making that the fastest choice if the opposition team tries to obstruct your progress.

Whichever POI you choose, land there and look around for glowing spots indicating somewhere you can plant a chicken crossing sign. Selecting the quest in your Quests tab will allow you to see markers for the exact locations of these glowing spots if you don’t happen to see them right away. Walk up to each of them at the POI and press the corresponding button to place all of the necessary signs, then enjoy the easy XP and progress towards your Spring Breakout Event rewards.