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Microsoft makes Outlook free to use for Mac

There is now a significant alternative to the built-in Mail app.

The Mac’s built-in Mail application now has a significant rival. Outlook for Mac now offers a free version from Microsoft. Before, using the email client required either a Microsoft 365 subscription or an Office purchase. It is currently accessible via the Mac App Store.

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft promotes this as a useful addition to Outlook for iOS. If you aren’t through writing an email on your Mac, you can send a draught of it to your iPhone. It will be possible to block messages when you’re focusing on work thanks to a forthcoming Profiles feature that integrates with macOS’ Focus modes. You can use email accounts from different third-party services, such as Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo (Engadget parent company), just as with all versions of Outlook.

The business is open about some of the justifications for the change. In order to improve performance, dependability, and accessibility, the team is “rebuilding” Outlook for Mac. The free download might encourage users to use it who might not have otherwise. Of course, this might encourage users who desire close connection between their email service and productivity tools to adopt Microsoft 365 and Office.

The addition may be advantageous. For the Mac, there aren’t many popular email apps; Mozilla’s Thunderbird stands out. Some require a fee or require subscriptions to unlock certain features. Even while Outlook doesn’t always match their features, there is now a simple way for you to give it a try.