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The iPhone 14’s most annoying feature might be worse on the iPhone 15

Although there are many positive aspects of the iPhone 14, the absence of a SIM card tray in the American model was, to put it mildly, controversial. Regrettably, it appears like the iPhone 15 will be following in the footsteps of its predecessor and do away with the SIM card tray as well — but this time for models worldwide, not only in the United States.

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are most likely going to be introduced “without a physical SIM card in France,” according to a claim by the French publication ingeneration. Despite the fact that France is only one nation, it appears likely that the next generation of iPhones won’t have any SIM card slots at all. This is because iPhones are already losing their SIM card slots throughout Europe and the United States.

To be clear, eSIM technology is perfectly fine—in fact, it’s fantastic, especially for people who travel internationally. To utilize the iPhone 14 in the United States, users had to immediately become familiar with eSIMs because they haven’t fully made it to the mainstream consumer market. If Apple is totally getting rid of traditional SIM cards with its next big hardware release, it appears that the company wants to make eSIMs the focal point.

Despite how fantastic eSIMs can be, many iPhone 14 buyers found the changeover to be difficult because phones have primarily used physical SIM cards since before the first smartphones even entered the market. Many people found the move from a physical card to an eSIM to be a little stressful, and it now appears that when the iPhone 15 phone line releases later this year, all early adopters will also need to make the change.

It makes likely that Apple would eventually convert to only using eSIMs because it has been advocating for users to migrate to eSIMs for quite some time. Hardware changes are still difficult for folks sometimes. It might not take long until other big smartphone makers start doing the same, as Apple often sets the standard when it comes to significant changes like this (RIP the headphone port).