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Verizon’s Faster 5G Coverage Now Reaches 200 Million People

Mid band and millimeter wave versions of the carrier’s 5G network have achieved a significant milestone.

According to Verizon, 200 million Americans now have access to the Ultra Wideband element of its 5G network, which offers better speeds than its low-band component.

Mid band and millimeter wave frequencies, which offer faster speeds but cover less ground than Verizon’s low-band Nationwide 5G, are used for the Ultra Wideband portion of its 5G service. The carrier had anticipated reaching 200 million people with Ultra Wideband by the first quarter of this year. The carrier has been expanding its network by providing service in the C-band range of 5G early in 2022.

The Federal Communications Commission considers the Ultra Wideband service to be available nation wide mid banded once it reaches that population. T-Mobile achieved that milestone in 2021 with its own  5G network, while AT&T anticipates reaching 200 million customers by the end of 2023 with its own mid band 5G network.