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Someone created a blue Apple Watch Ultra, and it looks absurd

Despite the fact that the base models are frequently regarded as luxury goods by many, some people prefer their Apple gadgets to be even more opulent. The Apple Watch Ultra is currently receiving yet another taste of the posh treatment, joining the long list of customized premium iPhones created by numerous independent third-party vendors.

In other words, it appears to be a lot. This most recent customized Apple Watch Ultra appears to be the first of its kind and has a gold-plated band and an anodized blue body. The video and images down below will allow you to see it for yourself.

To be clear, this isn’t the first customized Apple Watch Ultra made by jeweler De Billas Lux. Nonetheless, it is the first one to have had the titanium watch body’s cooler altered using the anodization process. The effects are rather stunning because the blue is a gorgeous deep tone that calls to mind the blue color option on the iPhone 12—the last time Apple fully committed to a dark blue iPhone.

The amazing blue hue of the Apple Watch Ultra’s body combined with the overt gold plating of the watch band is a little much for me, but style preference is, of course, subjective. It’s evident that the watch is someone’s thing because it was revealed in a movie showcasing it that it was a custom order for someone who individually selected the colors. If that appeals to you as well, you can purchase the blue-and-gold bespoke watch if you have the cash to spare.

One of the first questions most people have whenever high-end, personalized products are put up for sale is how much they are going to cost. The blue and gold Apple Watch Ultra is available for $1,499 on the De Billas Lux website. But because it’s presently marked as being on sale – the list price is $2,300 — you might want to move quickly.

When you really think about it, $1,499 for a personalized Apple Watch Ultra isn’t that bad. If you purchase a normal watch directly from Apple, it will cost you about $800 when it is fresh new. Although the custom model costs almost twice as much, it is still competitive with other top-tier Apple products. But before you buy it, make sure you’re cool with the color combination of blue and gold, which could make you appear to be an X-Men snitch.