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My life with the Apple Watch Ultra transformed after changing this one thing

Although I adore the Apple Watch Ultra, it is undeniably a somewhat large timepiece for daily wear. I had opted to wear the Ultra and wanted to try a different band before a recent trip. In order to make it more comfortable, I didn’t want to sacrifice style or wear a leather band, which I don’t believe is appropriate at all.

By chance, I discovered what I believe to be the ideal band for the Apple Watch Ultra when you’re not hiking or swimming but instead want to flaunt this amazing smartwatch on the streets.

One easy change for the Apple Watch Ultra

I bought the Apple Watch Ultra with the Ocean Band, which is substantial and durable like the other two bespoke Apple Watch Ultra bands — the Alpine Loop and Trail Loop. It looks fantastic and is perfect for the Ultra. I’ve never wanted to replace it because it perfectly complements the lines and scale of the room. It’s challenging to find a replacement band that matches the style while still being more comfortable.

The vast majority of available bands for the Apple Watch Series 8 are quite compatible with the size and form of the case, making it much less sensitive to band changes. With the Apple Watch Ultra, it’s not the same. The Ultra’s enormous 49mm case looks odd when paired with bands that are too thin, too thick, or have abrupt tapers, and since the watch already commands a lot of attention when worn, choosing the wrong strap will draw the wrong kind of attention.

For instance, leather bands on this watch seem strange. Something too formal doesn’t fit this watch at all because it isn’t a dress watch. The same holds true for a metal bracelet. Without adding further weight, the Ultra is already quite heavy, and even the best metal bracelets are rarely said to be particularly comfortable. The shapeless Sport Loop is too square, while the standard Sport Loop bands are too dull. What should we do next then?

I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch Ultra with the straightforward Solo Loop band, which I believe looks great. The fact that the band doesn’t appear overly thin and that the taper exactly fits the corners of the case is a testament to Apple’s excellent design work. It looks just as unified and “designed for the Ultra” as the Ocean Band or Alpine Loop. Yet the tweak does more than just improve the Apple Watch Ultra’s appearance; it also makes it feel much lighter and more comfortable.

Secure, light, and comfortable

Instead of the Braided Solo Loop, I went with the Rubber Solo Loop. I believe the rubber Solo Loop better complements the rugged design of the Apple Watch Ultra, and I also find that it keeps the wristwatch more centered on my wrist. I adore the Braided Solo Loop and use one to secure my Apple Watch Series 8 to my wrist, but it struggles to support the Ultra’s heavier casing, which makes it annoyingly slip around my wrist.

With the rubber Solo Loop, this doesn’t take place. In addition to keeping it centered, it also has better grip against my skin and doesn’t move around under my cuff. The weight is an additional bonus. The Apple Watch Ultra weights 74 grammes with the Solo Loop and 95 grammes with the Ocean Band; on the wrist, you can definitely feel the difference.

Should you need to type while wearing the smartwatch, it won’t annoy you as much because it is so thin on your wrist. I do, and in the past I frequently removed the Apple Watch Ultra because it was in the way. I wore the Ultra for four days, and because its battery lasts so long, I didn’t need to charge it at all. Also, it avoided catching on clothing, didn’t become humid or uncomfortable, and — perhaps most surprisingly of all — disappeared into the background due to its reduced size and weight.

Buy this band

The Apple Watch Ultra and Solo Loop band prevent the smartwatch from resembling a tool watch too much. Because the strap is so basic, the case is the main attraction and can be worn with numerous outfits and scenarios.

Due to the Apple Watch Ultra’s eye-catching design, I preferred it to the Series 8 but did not want to put up with the “lifestyle” band. Although I didn’t think the fundamental Solo Loop would be that popular, I’m glad I gave it a shot. The Apple With Ultra has undergone a complete transformation, and that is the sign of an excellent watch and band combination.

The $50 Apple Solo Loop is available in a variety of colors, several of which are rather vivid. The Apple Watch Ultra looks best in the deeper hues, but I’d really want to see some with the brand-new Canary Yellow Solo Loop. Why not use both the watch and the band to make a striking statement?

If you’ve never purchased a Solo or Braided Loop, pay close attention to the sizing. I do suggest trying the size Apple suggests as well as the one below it also, even though both of mine are the same size—a size 6 on my 6.5-inch wrist. The size 7 Solo or Braided Loop recommended by Apple’s sizing tool is actually far too large.

Don’t let Apple’s omission of the Solo Loop from its list of Apple Watch Ultra bands deter you. It looks fantastic, fits flawlessly, and completely alters how you can wear the smartwatch.