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Ubisoft has pulled out of E3 2023

Instead, the publisher will be the show’s host.

Ubisoft can be added to the group of organizations that won’t be present at the first E3 in person in four years. It was one of the few significant publishers to endorse the redesigned event until this week. Nevertheless, Ubisoft informed VGC on Monday that it would not be attending the tradeshow and would instead have its own event at roughly the same time.

According to a Ubisoft spokeswoman, “E3 has produced amazing moments across the industry over the years.” While we had initially planned to have an official presence at E3, we later decided to go in a different way. As a result, we will be conducting a Ubisoft Forward Live event on June 12 in Los Angeles. We anticipate providing further information to our

There is no denying that Ubisoft’s decision to skip E3, especially with less than three months until the show’s scheduled return on June 13th, raises severe concerns about both its short- and long-term prospects. Microsoft announced earlier this month that it wouldn’t be present on the E3 show floor. Nintendo had previously declared it would not be there at all. Sony has not yet declared its attendance at E3 2023. The corporation is probably not going to attend the conference this year based on its recent attendance statistics.