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Apple could be working on a secret OLED MacBook Air

According to the Korean technology website TheElec, Apple may be developing a new MacBook Air with an OLED display. It’s interesting to think that the MacBook Air might receive this advanced technology before Apple’s top MacBook Pro models.

Apple’s MacBook notebooks currently feature Liquid Retina screens, which are LCD-based, rather than OLED panels. If The Elec’s assertions are true, though, everything might change.

According to the article, LG Display is making OLED panels for Apple’s 12.9-inch and 11-inch iPad Pro tablets right now, but the company lacks the ability to make “other models,” such those that could be used in laptop screens.

As a result, Apple has invited its bitter rival Samsung to take over. That’s not as rare as it may sound; for example, Samsung presently produces a sizable quantity of OLED screens for the iPhone 14 line.

But there might be a glitch, or even several. For starters, according to The Elec, the OLED MacBook Air doesn’t currently have a release date, so it might take some time until it goes on sale.

According to the article, it’s also not certain whether the OLED MacBook Air will ever be released. It’s likely that Apple is only seeing if Samsung has the capacity and caliber to produce the quantity of panels it will require. The Elec also speculated that the MacBook Air panels would serve as a prototype for an upcoming OLED MacBook Pro.

Launching in 2024?

But, there are even more indications that an OLED MacBook may be coming soon. According to display industry insider Ross Young, the first OLED MacBook will debut in 2024 and will be a MacBook Air, just as TheElec’s report states.

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, an OLED MacBook Air might debut in 2024. In January, Kuo outlined how OLED screens enable laptops to be more streamlined, lighter, and battery-efficient. According to Kuo, OLED panels also enable “more diversified form factor design alternatives,” such as those utilized in Apple’s reported folding laptop.

It could not be long until we see the results of Apple’s effort, as all of these rum ours seem to concur that the corporation is working on OLED laptops. Apple’s MacBooks are already renowned for their excellent displays, and the addition of OLED technology may enable them to outperform the competition.