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Samsung may have just killed the Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was a great addition to Samsung’s hardware lineup in 2019, but it appears that after one final update, the firm is ultimately retiring the device.

According to Droid Life, the Galaxy S10 likely received its final security update this week before official support ends. Although it is not certain that S10 customers won’t receive another update in the event that a significant bug needs to be fixed, it appears that this may be the last regularly scheduled update for the smartphone range.

For the S10 range, Samsung promised four years of security upgrades. As it exits the timeframe for extra sponsorship this month, that gives the series a strong run. That doesn’t imply that the Galaxy S10 series isn’t worthwhile for those who don’t care about purchasing the newest devices available, but it does mean that as Android software advances and the S10 stays the same, it will fall farther and further behind.

The base Galaxy S10, the larger Galaxy S10 Plus, and the more affordable Galaxy S10e make up the Galaxy S10 series that is being retired. It might be better advised to get a more recent model, such as the Galaxy S23, if you were thinking about purchasing one as a “new” device.

The update, which is designated as G973USQU8IWB5 for the base S10, is a typical, regularly scheduled security upgrade that reportedly also improves performance. There isn’t much to it, but it ought to be the last scheduled update for the S10 range.

Although it will eventually fall behind, as was already said, it would be difficult to deny that the S10 line has already begun to show its age since Android 13 went online and wasn’t available on the handsets. Regrettably, as technology ages, it is what occurs. Check out our list of the top Samsung phones for 2023 if you currently own a Galaxy S10 and want to upgrade so that you can get the right software support for your smartphone.