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Your phone may play a loud alarm on April 23 — here’s why

The majority of countries may notify their residents across the country via smartphone notifications, and the U.K. will do so on April 23. The U.K. government is now alerting everyone that U.K. citizens should anticipate their phones to all ring off simultaneously in a few weeks as a test of a new emergency alert system.

A function that is rarely used is the countrywide alarm. It doesn’t lessen its significance, though, as it has replaced national TV and radio broadcasts that alert the public to potential hazards in their neighborhood, such as terrorism, natural catastrophes, or missing children.

The alert that will sound on April 23 is only a test, so individuals who receive it shouldn’t be concerned. In truth, the U.K. has been testing regional alerts for a while; this is only a test to evaluate how the alarm will work when it is broadcast to the entire nation.

The U.K. Cabinet Office announced the alarm’s upcoming sounding via a YouTube video, but it makes no mention of a specific time. According to Forbes, the alarm should sound some time in the evening. Be aware that you will still receive the alert notice even if your phone is on mute or vibrating. Simply click “dismiss” or “OK” or whatever text box displays when the alarm goes off to mute it.

You can temporarily turn off emergency alerts in your phone’s settings if you don’t want to get the alarm. Then search for Emergency alerts in the Settings app. If you don’t want to be bothered, you can turn off the toggle that is typically turned on.

Mobile devices running iOS 14.5 or later and Android 11 are among those on the list of devices receiving the notice. Hence, regardless of the maker, all new devices bought in the last several years should sound an alarm when the government sounds the alarm. Tablets and other cellular-connected devices should also receive notifications when the time comes.

As was already said, because this warning is only a test, there is nothing to be concerned about. But, it might not be a terrible idea to set a reminder alarm for that morning so that you know when to expect it and not to panic.