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Resident Evil 4: All Yellow Herb locations

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, Leon is dispatched all the way to Europe to save the president’s daughter, but he shows up terribly unprepared for the task at hand. In addition to being sent in alone, all he had with him was a knife and a single handgun with 10 bullets. You must take advantage of every advantage you can if you have any hope of completing this quest. Your major priority will be to gather as much of the game’s Yellow Herbs as you can, after upgrading and growing your arsenal. These are the rarest of the three types of herbs (Green, Red, and Yellow). Only 17 of them can be obtained in total during a single playthrough. You’ll want to have as many of them as you can.

What Yellow Herbs do

In Resident Evil 4, there are three different sorts of herbs, each with a distinct purpose. Yellow herbs really raise Leon’s maximum health, Red herbs boost the effects of the other herbs they are mixed with, and Green herbs are used for healing. Since you can effectively double the amount of damage you can take once you reach the maximum of his health, this makes them the most useful of the three.

Yellow herbs must be used in combination with at least one other herb in order to be effective. One of each — Green, Red, and Yellow — is the best possible combination because it will essentially fully heal you and also lengthen your life. Your next-best choice is to combine Red and Yellow since, even though it won’t heal you, it will still give you a slightly higher boost to your maximum health because the Red Herb enhances the Yellow. If at all possible, stay away from Green and Yellow since they will provide you the smallest possible boost to your health bar. If you consistently mix a Yellow with a Red, you can complete all 17 levels in just 13 of them.

All Yellow Herb locations

In the Resident Evil 4 remake, there are 17 Yellow Herbs to find, but one of them may be bought from the Merchant for three Spinels as soon as you meet him in Chapter 2. The ones you need to pick up are listed below in appearance order:

  1. Go inside the windmill at the Farm, but only ascend to the ground level. Grab the Yellow Herb just around the curve by moving past and around the ladder.
  2. Enter the first structure on the left after clearing the Valley. Near the window, this herb is seen in the open.
  3. To reach the local merchant’s shop inside the cave close to the boat, pass via the fish farm. You can visit a small shack on the dock’s southern side, where the Herb is kept.
  4. Visit the Large Cave Shrine as soon as you can use your boat to explore the lake. From the dock, enter a gate and proceed up and to the left. To enter a small cave beneath a bridge, take the second route on your right. In the far corner up ahead, the Yellow Herb is concealed.
  5. You probably saw the ladder within the Village Chief’s Manor that was out of your grasp. You can now go up there to get the Herb with Ashley.
  6. The Herb is located immediately to the left of the stairs on the higher level of the eastern Checkpoint area.

Castle Yellow Herbs:

  1. Once you clear out the Audience Chamber, search the set of drawers in the southeast corner and you’ll find the Herb.
  2. You will be guided up a tower by a ladder as you attempt to withstand the giant’s attacks and solve a puzzle on the Castle Battlements. To get the Herb, go around the landing and up several stairs inside once more.
  3. Just enter the room with the typewriter at the beginning of Chapter 9 and take the Yellow Herb.
  4. Continue on as usual down in the depths until you come to a wall you can kick through to get out. Take the herb from the box before you exit.
  5. Go to the northeast corner of the table in the first cave you see in the Hive to look for this golden plant.
  6. This Herb may be found sitting next to the typewriter once you’ve climbed to the top of the Clock Tower and entered the Merchant’s store.

Island Yellow Herbs

  1. While you’re working your way through the labs in Systems, go down the stairs to the Incubation Lab and take an immediate left to find the Herb.
  2. This one is almost impossible to miss, being right in the middle of the Amber Storeroom on the shelf.
  3. Get to the Stronghold’s upper level and enter the structure housing the AA cannon on the roof. Grab the herb by exiting through the door on the east side and turning right.
  4. The Sanctuary Approach has the last Yellow Herb. Hug the left side when you enter this region, then enter the stone building with the crates and sheets inside. The Herb is perched on a row of boxes.