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How to unlock the Serpent’s Head in Resident Evil 4

In Resident Evil 4, you must gather three heads to attach to a chimaera statue when you enter the grand hall of the castle. The Serpent’s Head is locked behind a gated display case and necessitates some puzzle-solving, in contrast to the Lion’s Head and Goat’s Head, which are both rather simple combat tasks. This is how you obtain it.

How to unlock the Serpent’s Head

When one enters the dining hall through the entrance next to the chimaera statue, one finds The Serpent’s Head confined inside a display case. To unlock it, you’ll need to solve a problem, so proceed to the back of the hallway and examine the two enormous portraits hanging there.

Each image represents the location where Leon or Ashley should be seated. Ashley must sit where the queen is seated in the image on the left, and Leon must sit where the king is seated in the one on the right. Simply make notes about the locations of the cutlery, the types of food that are plated, and other details to see what you can deduce if you prefer to work out the remainder on your own. However, we’ve got you covered for the precise seating placements down below.

First, tell Ashley to take a seat at the table that is closest to the display case, the one with the fewest number of utensils—four—no food on the plate, and the one with the empty wine glass.

Next, have Leon sit at the second table (closest to the photos) at the spot with six total utensils, bread on a small plate, and a jug.

Ring the little bell next to the plates to solve the riddle and open the exhibition case for the Serpent Head if you’re both seated in the proper spots. You can now proceed to pick it up and then proceed to get the other two chimaera heads.