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New Ring Doorbell Has Head-to-Toe View

Preorders for the $180 Battery Doorbell Plus are currently being accepted, and shipping will start on April 5.

The Battery Doorbell Plus, the first battery-powered video doorbell from Ring in two years, was introduced on Wednesday.

Similar to Ring’s earlier battery doorbell, the Video Doorbell 4, the new Battery Doorbell Plus installs quickly and without disruption because it doesn’t require wire. Some features more closely reflect the wired Video Doorbell Pro 2, particularly the “head-to-toe” field of view and improved video resolution. The Battery Doorbell Plus is perhaps the finest of all since, at $180, it is less expensive than either of the two doorbells it replaces.

What’s new

The Battery Doorbell Plus from Ring has the first “head-to-toe” vision on a battery-powered doorbell with a 150° by 150° perspective. The new doorbell has a larger field of view and the greatest HD quality of any Ring battery doorbell to date, 1536p.

Improved energy-saving features like Persons Only and Motion Zones detection are also included in the doorbell, which increases battery life up to three times over Ring’s original battery doorbell. The Battery Doorbell Plus contains a quick-release rechargeable battery pack, just like earlier Ring versions. The need for charging can either be completely eliminated or at least minimized by attaching the doorbell to a compatible solar panel.

The Battery Doorbell Plus also comes with additional popular Ring doorbell features like Advanced Motion Detection, Fast Answers, and Privacy Zones. Moreover, as one would anticipate from a firm owned by Amazon, Alexa integration is also offered.

Available for preorder now

Starting on March 8 for $180, Battery Doorbell Plus will be available for preorder on Amazon and Ring. Customers will begin receiving their orders on April 5, 2023.