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How to restore deleted text messages on Android

Your Messages app is probably quite busy if you’re anything like us. The modest default messaging app is still used for interactions with friends, family, and others, but it has also evolved into a place for two-factor confirmations, banking warnings, and — of course — the occasional spam message. Cleaning it out is a fast exercise in self-care as well as a need; it’s crucial to clear away the clutter and make sure your most crucial messages aren’t buried by a wave of other messages.

Even the most careful among us make mistakes occasionally, and it’s all too simple to erase the incorrect message by accident while getting lost in the removal rhythm. You can usually recover deleted text messages from your Android phone, so don’t panic. We’ll outline exactly how to recover deleted text messages on Android in this post.

How to recover deleted texts from Google Messages

In Google Messages, there isn’t a native mechanism to retrieve deleted messages, but there is a way to do so if you’re ready to clean the clutter in a slightly different approach. Try archiving messages rather than deleting them; this will keep the messages hidden and allow you to restore them from the Archived section. In current messaging apps, it’s best to archive messages rather than completely delete them because doing so is far more forgiving but still keeps undesired messages out of sight.

Step 1: To archive, swipe your message left or right, and it’ll be sent to your Archive.

Step 2: To recover messages from your Archive, select the three horizontal lines in the top-left of Messages.

How to recover deleted texts with Google Drive

Google Drive is a wonderful option to assist in data recovery after it has been lost because it maintains thorough backups of everything, including SMS messages and your app lists, if you want it to. In this instance, though, it’s a bit of an extreme choice because Google doesn’t really provide SMS and MMS message recoveries without a complete factory reset. Yes, you can quickly recover your WhatsApp data using Drive, and your photos, movies, and documents are always at your fingertips; however, if you want your texts back, you’ll need to completely wipe your phone.

If you’ve misplaced your phone and want to transfer all of your old data to a new device, it’s an excellent backup option, but it’s not very helpful if you only need to retrieve a message that was inadvertently deleted. However, you will discover the option to restore from a backup during the first setup step of a new phone if you’re ready to go to the trouble of factory resetting to get your messages back.

How to recover deleted texts with your carrier

Depending on your chosen carrier, you may have several options for restoring your text messages. Both Verizon’s Message+ and AT&T’s communications Backup & Sync provide backup and sync options to keep your communications synchronized across devices. It’s not a flawless solution by any means, as any deleted messages will still be removed from the cloud once synchronization takes place.

In an emergency, you might be able to contact your carrier to ask if it can locate and restore a backup of the communications transmitted to and from your device. This is not at all assured, though.

How to recover deleted texts with third-party apps and software

As is customary with Android, there are third-party apps that can assist in resolving any issues you may be experiencing. Many of them, in this instance, entail attaching your phone to a computer and employing software to search your device for the lost data. As a result, it may be a more complicated and costly operation. Here are a few good choices that are both free and paid.

Android Data Recovery ($50)

Android Data Recovery, one of the more well-known data recovery programmed out there, is ideal for retrieving deleted data from your phone, including text messages, and is available for macOS and Windows. Once you turn it on and connect your phone, it will search for any deleted data and display a choice of options for data recovery.

Wondershare Dr.Fone ($50)

Dr.Fone is a strong paid alternative that delivers most of what Android Data Recovery can perform in addition to the ability to recover files lost due to system failures, rooting mistakes, and other unlucky circumstances.