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The Galaxy Z Flip 5 may get a feature we’ve never seen before

Details have begun to emerge more often as the Galaxy Z Flip 5 launch draws near. We discovered in February that the cover display will be significantly larger than the one featured on the Galaxy Z Flip 4. Rumors now seem to indicate that the upcoming foldable will be the first of its kind to feature two separate cover displays.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5’s twin cover displays, according to renders provided in a recent video by mobile insider Super Roader, will significantly set the foldable apart from other devices of its sort. The two screens appear to have two different purposes and are of very different sizes.

The Flip 5’s two cameras, which have been turned 90 degrees from the Flip 4’s position, are in line with a smaller screen that appears to serve as a notification center. The time, date, battery life of the phone, and a few AR emojis are displayed on the little screen in the renders to free up room on the larger screen.

The huge screen will probably be utilized as a method to interact with the phone normally without having to fully unfold it, despite the fact that it is just used to display photo backgrounds in the leaked renders. The larger cover screen will have lots of room for other things, like finishing other chores and adding more widgets, because the most important information appears to be confined to the smaller panel. The cover screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be 3.4 inches and “occupy most of the area” on the front of the phone, according to leaker Ice Universe.

The Galaxy Z Flip 5 might feel entirely different to use due to the substantial size increase compared to the Z Flip 4, as it won’t be as constrained by its smaller cover screen as its predecessor is. In fact, it nearly seems as though the Flip 4’s cover screen’s features may be transferred to the Flip 5’s smaller cover screen, giving the upcoming foldable a significant functional upgrade.

If the information from the leak is accurate, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 could end up being one of the most stunning foldable phones available in 2023. When the information is formally confirmed, let’s hope it can land on its feet.