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Lenovo just killed its Legion gaming phones, and that’s a shame

The recent reports that Lenovo would discontinue its gaming smartphones under the Legion brand have now been confirmed.

Lenovo confirmed in a statement to Android Authority that it will discontinue its present gaming phone initiatives as the business restructures its strategy for its “gaming portfolio.”

Given Lenovo’s hegemony in the portable gaming hardware market and how well-received Legion gaming phones have historically been, this news is somewhat unexpected. Lenovo appears to believe that by discontinuing its Legion smartphones, it will be better able to concentrate on the areas where the company can contribute the most to the games industry. However, if Legion phones start to disappear, the options for high-end gaming smartphones will become much more limited.

Legion phones are no longer an option, leaving mobile gamers with essentially just three reliable device lines to select from: Asus ROG Phone models, the Nubia RedMagic portfolio, and the Xiaomi Black Shark series. While they all contribute in some way, it’s unclear how long they will all be employed, especially in light of Xiaomi’s 10% employee layoff in December.

The removal of Legion gaming phones from the market will undoubtedly be felt because they were always on the more creative end of the spectrum when it came to reshaping mobile gaming technology. You may still anticipate new gaming hardware from Lenovo since, as it was made plain in its statement to Android Authority, the company isn’t completely giving up on the market. For instance, Lenovo unveiled its new LOQ gaming laptops last week.

It’s possible that Lenovo will later change its mind and jump back on the mobile gaming bandwagon, but for the time being, it appears that gamers will have to rely on other firms for their gaming-specific mobile hardware.