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Best Sleep Headphones in 2023

To play your favorite music and aid in comfortable sleep, get the best sleep headphones.

The inability to fall asleep despite being exhausted is one of life’s worst experiences. Individuals all around the world have unique sleep habits, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Whereas some people require total darkness and total silence, others could benefit from music or a white noise machine. The best sleep headphones can help with that.

Yes, any great pair of headphones can accomplish all of the aforementioned tasks, but the design of sleep headphones sets them apart. Sleep headphones are built with a minimal, hardly there feel that enables you drop off to sleep while wearing them comfortably throughout the night. Conventional headphones can be heavy and uncomfortable to lie on. The sound quality may not be as high as large cans with expensive features like noise cancellation, but you’ll be able to block out annoying outside noise with calming noises, kind of like a private white noise machine.

It may be time to buy some sleeping headphones to combat the effects of background noise if you need assistance getting the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. We’ve featured a number of headband headphone alternatives, Bluetooth headphones, and earbuds that tuck into your ear canal to drown out background noise to help you choose the best headphones for sleeping. Continue reading for better sleep.

Best headphones for sleeping

Bedphones Sleep Headphones
The Bedphones Sleep Headphones are another pair of sleep-specific headphones that don’t have cloth if you don’t like the concept of wearing a headband to bed. Two ultra-thin headphone speakers are joined by a completely adjustable rubber-coated memory wire in this sleeping headphone alternative, allowing you to discover the ideal earphone fit.
They are available in wired and wireless headphone versions, and both have an in-line microphone and a three-button remote that you can use to answer calls or play, pause, or skip the music you are now listening to. A single charge also provides an astonishing 13 hours of use. These are excellent earbuds for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Fulext Sleep Headphones

The Fultext sleep headband incorporates the earpieces into a soft fabric headband for added comfort. Most sleep headphones aren’t made for side sleeping. The flat speakers are tucked within an incredibly elastic fabric with a soft, hypoallergenic lining made of breathable mesh. The speakers are ultrathin so you can’t feel them, even when your head is buried into a pillow. The setup enables both wired and wireless playback and operates for 10 hours on a single battery.

These sleep headphones can also be used as gym headphones because the fabric of the headphone headband is slip-resistant and moisture-wicking. They can be worn while running, the fabric can be washed, and then the earphones can be worn while sleeping.