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How to Fix Errors Seen During the Computer Startup Process

Given the millions of conceivable error messages a computer user could encounter simply from the time you switch the power on until your desktop is up and ready, it might seem ludicrous that we’ve prepared a set of instructions for “correcting errors.”

Nonetheless, the fact that you are receiving an error message places you in a group of computer malfunction sufferers who were reasonably fortunate. In contrast to a hazy symptom like a computer that turns on but displays nothing or one that shows no sign of power at all, an error message provides you with a definite starting point.

How to Fix Errors Seen During the Computer Startup Process

If you see an error notice when your computer is attempting to start, follow these instructions:

  1. Keep a precise record of the error message. While it might seem apparent to some, the most crucial thing you can do when you see an error message when your computer is starting is to accurately and completely translate the message.

    You might try to remedy an issue with a file, driver, or piece of hardware that you don’t truly have if you misspell a DLL file or enter the incorrect characters in a STOP code.

  2. Thousands of errors can occur during a computer’s startup process, although only a small number tend to occur more frequently.

    You can avoid the hassle of looking elsewhere for a solution and instead get started on fixing the issue if you’re “lucky” enough to encounter one of these typical errors:

    BOOTMGR is not there. To restart Hal.dll if it’s missing or damaged, press Ctrl Alt Del. Please reinstall a copy of the missing NTLDR file mentioned above. Using any key will restart.

  3. For a troubleshooting manual tailored to the error message, use the Life wire search bar at the top of this page. We have separate troubleshooting guides for well over a thousand different error messages, and we probably have one for the one your computer is displaying when you switch it on.

    When an error message appears during startup, it is crucial to troubleshoot the precise issue it is signaling rather than wasting time testing unrelated hardware or updating unrelated files.

  4. You might still benefit from a little more information about the error even if we don’t yet have particular troubleshooting advice for your starting fault.

    These are some links to lists of possible startup error messages:

    Windows STOP Codes List (Blue Screen of Death errors)
    System error codes list
    We also maintain a list of HTTP status codes and Device Manager error numbers, however Windows cannot be started due to the problems that result in these errors.

  5. If you haven’t already, you should try using your preferred search engine to look for a solution to your issue.

    Your search string should be enclosed in quotes so that it is searched as a continuous phrase, contain the entire error message or, if one is referenced, the file name that the error message refers to, for optimum results.