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AI-generated videos have arrived, and they’re evolving fast

The world of generative AI has advanced in only a few short months from chatbots like ChatGPT to photorealistic photos produced by Mid journey. Artificial intelligence-generated videos may be set to have their big moment in the spotlight, just in case you thought things were about to calm down.

Five new AI video generators have been released in the past seven days alone, as Philipp Tsipman, the inventor of a platform for selling these movies, noted in a tweet. Although the quality varies, it is obvious that technology is progressing quickly. The five AI video generators, which range from janky to quite outstanding, will now be analyzed.


When it comes to publicly available AI editing, Runway has been in the lead. AI aid is useful for masking, motion-tracking, extremely slow motion, and colour grading. Since that this service is subscription-based, there is additional motivation to push the envelope.

With its Gen-1 upgrade, which enables you to restyle a film with words, Runway began experimenting with generative video in February. An animated short that looks to have been created with hand-sculpted and poised Claymation characters is created from a footage of a stroll down the street.

Runway made Gen-1 available to the public today and is already testing Gen-2, so no reference video is required. Runway will soon let you to make a video with just a short text instruction.


Although Picsart is best known as a free photo editor, it also provides video editing. Text2Video-Zero is a Picsart research tool that generates several frames with enough similarities to each other to appear cohesive using the Stable Diffusion AI picture generator.

This is a huge advancement. Early attempts to assemble AI images into video frames resulted in erratic sceneries with shifting details. Although eye-catching, the effect took attention away from the information.


Like Runway Gen-1, Video-P2P is an open-source project. Stable Diffusion is used to style video input with text cues. The samples are well-designed, with consistent backdrops and edited parts.


ControlNet, a cutting-edge AI image generator that gives users more control over the poses of figures in images, is the foundation of TemporalNet.

Despite some flicker in the videos, the outcomes are encouraging. A wonderful alternate technique of producing films could be offered by TemporalNet, which has made significant progress towards providing predictable scenarios.


Alibaba developed the AI model known as text-to-video. This concept obviously needs some additional improvement, but having more possibilities is usually a good thing.

Fast-paced innovation

The rate of AI innovation is astonishingly quick. We were given sneak peeks at the possibilities of comparable videos produced in AI laboratories just a few months ago. One of the first publicly available AI video producers appeared in 2022 and basically overlayed tiny AI pictures over stock material.

When you consider how far AI has come in such a short period, those “old school” tactics from a few months ago are hilarious.