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Roblox launches its first generative AI game creation tools

The beta versions of Code Help and Material Generator aim to make game development less laborious.

Roblox announced its vision for AI-assisted content creation last month, envisioning a time where users might utilize text prompts and Generative AI to produce code, 3D models, and other types of content. By releasing its initial AI tools, Code Help and Material Generator, both in beta, it is now taking the first steps towards enabling “any user on Roblox to be a creative.”

These tools can “help automate basic coding duties so you can focus on creative work,” according to Head of Roblox Studio Stef Corazza, even though neither one is capable of creating a playable Roblox experience from a mere description. For the time being, that means having the ability to create helpful code fragments and object textures using brief prompts. The tools’ announcement by Roblox gives a few examples, such as creating several lines of functional code that will cause specific objects to change color and self-destruct after a player interacts with them. Other examples include creating realistic textures for “stained glass” and “bright red rock canyon” and realistic textures for “bright red rock canyon.”

If you’ve experimented with AI chatbots, both of those functions should seem similar to you. GPT-3 can already generate useful code snippets based on prompts.

Although Code Help appears to have potential, Roblox is cautious to point out that it is not flawless and may produce “incorrect” or “misleading” information. You must still evaluate, test, and judge whether the code idea is suitable given the circumstances. It may only be a few years before these tools can produce fully playable, interactive 3D sceneries from a single prompt, but Roblox’s Corazza is sure that this is the first step towards making every user on the platform a creative.