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How to Get the Dell Military Discount

The Dell military discount is described in this page, along with who qualifies for it.

How the Dell Military Discount Works

Dell provides service members with a one-time discount rather than a long-term programmed. With it, qualified service personnel and veterans can get an extra 10% off Dell’s rates for computers and devices.

The coupon is compatible with the majority of other promotions on the website, so you could, for instance, use it in conjunction with a sale price to get an even better value.

It’s a good idea to hold off on asking the coupon until you are prepared to make a purchase because it is only valid for a limited period of time.

However, some product restrictions can apply, so be sure to read the small print. For instance, Dell displays are not included, nor are any other third-party devices, accessories, or refurbished goods.

Who Qualifies for the Discount

The Dell military discount is available to active-duty and retired military personnel as well as veterans.


Does Dell have first responder discount?

First responders do not receive discounts from Dell directly, although some municipal governments do. For information on offers, check with your employer.

How much is the Dell employee discount?

Employee discounts at Dell vary based on the item and the season. Employees frequently receive first dibs on seasonal sales in addition to discounts on certain products.

How do I get a Lenovo student discount?

Create an account to confirm your enrollment in order to qualify for a Lenovo student discount. When you check out and buy your things, submit your details, and Lenovo offers you with a discount.