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How to fish in Valheim

In Valheim, nothing (well, technically there are a lot of things, but that’s part of the fun) is stopping you from creating your own Nordic paradise, down to the smallest of details. One of those particulars enables you to spend the entire day fishing in peace at a lake or pier before cooking your catch in your comfortable Viking hall. But a lot of players spend a lot of time in Valheim without even realizing they can go fishing.

If you have your eye on some fishy waters, our guide will show you exactly how to start fishing in Valheim and what to know about the process.

How to start fishing in Valheim

Step 1: begin gathering coins. You’ll need to acquire some currency in advance if you’re new to the game or don’t have much money. For fishing equipment, 400 to 500 coins should be plenty. By exploring and trading, you can find coins.

Step 2: Locate the merchant Halder. Halder is the only shopkeeper in Valheim who consistently offers fishing rods and bait. The issue is that Halder is difficult to locate, particularly for novices. The best method to locate him in Valheim’s Black Forest biomes is to search each one. He arrives there at random.

If you’re not lucky, this stage could take some time, so have some patience. Black Forests are plenty of ores to mine, burial chambers to explore, and other things to do, so if you combine looking for Halder with collecting cash, you’ll have more than enough by the time you discover him.

Step 3: Buy your fishing rod and as much bait as you want to get started.

Step 4: Locate some water. An ocean or a river will do just fine because you can fish in any significant body of water. Ideally, you should be near the water and not too high above it because this can affect your fishing’s pathing. Prepare your bait and fishing pole.

Step 5: Try casting your line using the left click. You can extend the length of your cast by holding down before you click. To begin fishing, you don’t actually need to cast that far; instead, pick a length that works for you.

Step 6: Right-click now to begin gradually reeling the line in. Click-pause-click usually works best because the objective is to keep the line and its bait active without reeling it in too quickly.

Step 7: You know you have a bite when the water around the line begins to splash and the bobber vanishes. Quickly click right once more. If you timing it correctly, a little “hooked” message will appear. The tough part is now: You must slowly reel the fish in with a right click, but you must be careful not to right-click excessively when the fish is struggling because doing so will cause you to rip the hook out.

Step 8: Once the fish is in your possession, you can collect it to add raw fish to your inventory. One raw fish will be provided by little fish like perch. The larger fish, such tuna, will provide you four raw fish, whereas smaller fish would only give you two.

You are permitted to gather as many raw fish as you like. But unless you use it for some crafting, it’s not that valuable. To generate cooked fish, you might locate or create a cooking station at a campfire or hearth. Don’t overcook the fish or you’ll only get coal. All types of meat, including fish, can be thoroughly cooked in 25 seconds or less.

Cooked fish on its own will provide you with health, endurance, and sustained health regeneration. However, if you also have barley flour and a cauldron for cooking, you may produce fish wraps, which are far more potent, by combining four barley flour and two cooked fish.

Step 9: Be aware that you may have caught all the fish you can catch in a body of water if you aren’t getting any bites there. Fish will eventually revive, but if you plan to fish for a while, it’s a good idea to switch up your places.