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GPT-5 could soon change the world in one incredible way

Despite the fact that GPT-4 has just been released, anticipation for the upcoming iteration of chatbot AI technology is already high. An updated assertion states that GPT-5 will finish its training this year and might usher in a significant AI revolution.

Developer Siqi Chen made the claim on Twitter, writing: “I have been told that GPT-5 is scheduled to finish training this December and that OpenAI expects it to attain AGI.”

The term “artificial general intelligence,” or AGI, refers to an AI’s capacity to understand and pick up on any task or notion that a human can grasp. In other words, an AI that has attained AGI may possess abilities that are identical to those of a human.

It makes Chen’s assertion quite explosive when you consider all the potential uses for AGI. On the plus side, it might greatly boost the productivity of various AI-enabled processes, accelerating things for people and getting rid of boring work and tiresome drudgery.

At the same time, gifting an AI with that much power could have unexpected repercussions – ones that we just haven’t thought of yet. It doesn’t portend the coming of the robot apocalypse, but it clearly begs the question of what potential drawbacks AGI might have.

It should be mentioned that according to other predictions, AGI won’t be reached until 2032.

Regarding the timeline of GPT-5, this is the first time we’ve heard about that next stage of development, though it’s not unlikely given the previous hints OpenAI has provided.

GPT-4.5, the next level up from the present GPT-4, will be “released in September or October 2023 as an intermediate version between GPT-4 and the forthcoming GPT-5,” according to the organization’s official prediction.

Potential troubles at Twitter?

If AGI goes awry, it might facilitate the growth of remarkably convincing bots on social media platforms like Twitter, assisting in the dissemination of destructive disinformation and propaganda that is getting harder and harder to spot.

Elon Musk is well aware of that, as the controversial businessman has made combating AI bots a central tenet of his time as CEO of Twitter. Nevertheless, his most recent suggestion to limit the reach of users that have not paid for a Twitter Blue membership has not been well received, and to put it mildly, his tenure as CEO has been marred by unpopular decisions that have had little success.

Twitter is only one area where AI will be used in the future; there are many more ways that it may change how we live. It is reasonable to assume that the world might change in profound ways if GPT-5 truly achieves AGI. It remains to be seen if it will be for the better or worse.