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Best Xbox Controller for 2023: Series X and Series S

These are the top wired and wireless Xbox controllers we’ve tested, making them ideal for couch co-ops or finding a new favorite Xbox controller for yourself.

Whether you have the full-sized Series X or the more inexpensive Series S console, there is a wide range of controllers available for your next-generation Xbox console. Start by taking into account size, functionality, design, and the games you play the most when selecting the finest Xbox controller. Also, you’ll want to make sure the controller you select suits your budget. When producing our list of the top Xbox controllers available, we took all of those factors into account. Here is the finest Xbox controller for cloud gaming if you’re seeking for one to use with Xbox Game Pass and your phone.

What’s the best Xbox controller?

The best controller is the one provided by Microsoft for the Xbox Series X and S. You can play for hours without any problems with this wireless controller because it includes all the essential controls you need and a comfortable weight and feel. It uses AA-size batteries, although there are various options for rechargeable battery packs from third parties as well as additional attachments to alter the controller’s appearance and feel.

We’ve tested a lot of third-party controllers, the majority of which also serve as PC gaming controllers, if you wish to upgrade from the standard Microsoft controller for Xbox. Some are wireless, while others are wired. For reducing lag in competitive matches, some gamers prefer cable connections because they can be significantly less expensive than wireless non-Microsoft controllers. (Besides, a dead battery is never a concern.) The official Xbox controller, which comes in a broad range of colors, may be our gold standard, but these are the best we’ve tested if you’re looking for your next favorite Xbox gaming controller.

Best Xbox controllers for Series X and Series S