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Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon follows up Elden Ring in August

At the conclusion of a brand-new trailer, From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment provided the release date for Armoured Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. Armoured Core VI will be released on August 25. This information was revealed after we got a sneak peek of some of the game’s obscene mecha battles.

Armoured Core was the From Software series for which the Japanese studio was most known prior to Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls’ massive rise to fame. But since September 2013, there hasn’t been a new installment in this intense mecha shooter series. Armored Core VI’s announcement at The Game Awards the previous year came as a welcome surprise because of this. It not only brought back a long-dormant series, but it also gave From Software a welcome change of pace after Elden Ring helped the company refine the Souls concept.

The gameplay footage starts off with a huge rocket being directed by a “Handler Walter” to make planetfall. Then, before learning that C4-621, the augmented human, who is likely the player, has awakened, we see some environmental shots of many of the levels that players will be able to explore. After that, the trailer is a non-stop action extravaganza as we witness mecha racing across several stages and engaging in aerial and ground combat while firing powerful gunfire, rockets, and other weapons. Elden Ring would not recognize it at all, which only adds to our excitement.

Additional details about the game’s plot were provided in a press release that was released after the trailer. It takes place on the planet Rubicon 3, where Coral, an energy source that was discovered but ultimately led to a calamity on the entire world, is located. Nearly fifty years later, in Armored Core VI, a mercenary is seen battling for control of what’s left of Coral with corporations and resistance organizations.

On August 25, Armoured Core VI: Fires of Rubicon will be made available on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.