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YouTube Kids is coming to game consoles and Roku

The main YouTube app will offer the child-friendly experience.

If not exactly how you’d anticipate, YouTube Kids is finally accessible on more than a few gadgets in your living room. According to 9to5Google, Google is introducing the YouTube Kids platform via an upgrade to the main YouTube app on gaming consoles, Roku devices, and more smart TVs. Without having to go to another app, you may access a kid-friendly experience by switching to a YouTube Kids profile. Also, this makes it simpler to go back to the entire app when your child has completed watching.

Google promises that you’ll notice the new strategy within the “next several weeks.” When a child is ready for adult access, you can erase their profile through, but the firm notes that doing so will remove it from all platforms.

For Android TV, Apple TV, and Fire TV devices as well as LG and Samsung smart Televisions, there is a dedicated YouTube Kids app. This action opens up the walled-off experience to a much larger audience, which is crucial if you’re worried that your child might encounter mature content or sneaky sales pitches. Even though you should still monitor your child’s watching habits, you may not need to direct them towards a computer or tablet.