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Stop All Your iPhone Apps From Asking You to Leave a Review

Here’s how to stop your iOS apps from bothering you all the time.

You’ll be prompted for a review of almost every iPhone app you download at some time. It is a legitimate request. Ratings and reviews help other users decide whether to download these programmed as well as provide creators with direct feedback. Applications will pester you with repeated requests for reviews because they know that user feedback can make or break their success.

Great if you’re okay with doing it. Yet, there are occasions when you might not feel like it, particularly if you’re in the middle of using the app. Regrettably, some apps could pester you with nagging requests if you don’t submit a review.

Luckily, there’s a way to prevent this pestering. Here’s how.

How to prevent iOS app review pop-ups from appearing

The procedure is easy: Go to the App Store section of the Settings app and turn off In-App Ratings & Reviews. I’m done now. You won’t get pop-ups requesting you to rate and review the programmed you’re using once the option has been disabled.

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